Brief: Create a book design with a low budget. Make a sketch of four spreadsheets including a book cover. The book is called "Storbrons historia" and it countians a lot of facts and history about Storbron, it's a place in Dalarna Sweden. 

My design is inspired by
 "kurbits pattern" from Dalarna and the story about "Mors lilla Olle" which is based on a actual event from september 1850 in Sweden. Olle is a little boy who meets a mama bear with her two cubs in the forest, instead of being scared and runaway he stays and feeds them lingonberry twigs. 
So I made a mash up between those two and came up with this. I chose the colors from blueberries and lingonberries. (He feeds the bears  blueberries in the children's song but in the actual event it was lingonberries). I also made my own illustrations instead of using the real pictures because they were in really bad quality, in my opinion.
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